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Sun-Safe Travel Essentials Guide

Summer is here so I decided to put together a little Q&A for common questions you may come across when deciding what to pack with you on your 2016 summer adventures. If you are terrible at packing like me (no shame), need some summertime recommended products, and want to learn some tea hacks to sooth sun burns…this blog post is for you!

What’s a good instant remedy to help sooth sun burns?

Aloe is a great ingredient to use on your skin if you’ve been sun burnt. It helps to soothe your skin and relieve pain. I use an Aloe Mist from Farmaesthetics that I spray onto the desired spots that need treatment. If you’ve completely forgotten to pack anything (cause that’s life, it happens!) you can use this black tea hack to help soothe your sunburns. Steeped black tea can be used to instantly sooth irritated and burnt skin. It also helps to relieve itchiness and rashes! I did a bit of research on black tea and found out this life hack. I always pack a mason jar of Tealee’s Lavender Cream of Earl Grey with me wherever I go so this little trick comes in handy when you need that instant relief.


What’s a recommended facial sunscreen to use on my skin that’s safe and healthy?

If you’re looking for a daily two-in-one sunscreen and moisturizer, I would recommend using CyberDERM’s Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25 which contains 15% Zinc Oxide. I find people are aware that putting on sunscreen is important, but they don’t know which sunscreens are safe to put onto their skin. FYI, Neutrogena is the number one most dangerous sunscreen to use, stay away and stay safe friends! Check out EWG (Environmental Working Group) which they tell you exactly which sunscreens are rated the safest and most effective to use compared to each other. CyberDERM was ranked number one in their newest 2016 guide and it’s a product I’ve been using for quite a while. It has a matte finish which works so well as a makeup base, and you don’t need to reapply this sunscreen. All you need is one coat which will last you the whole day. They are also a company based in Ottawa which is always a plus to shop local!

If you’ll be out the whole day and need a stronger sunscreen, CyberDERM’s Simply Zinc Sun Whip SPF 30 will be perfect for you. Both these sunscreens protect your skin and block out UVA and UVB rays. These products are travel sized friendly and make the perfect carry on essentials to bring with you to all the fun stuff you have planned this summer!

What should I bring with me if I’m heading out in the sun for a long period of time?

I always keep a SPF lip balm or lip tint in my bag when I’m heading out. I use the Fresh SPF 15 Rose Lip Tint from Sephora. And I also bring a hat and a lightweight cover up. I love the look of kimonos for the summer and their lightweight and convenient to bring with you. Another summer trend I’ve been loving are floppy sun hats. Keep your head and eyes protected while lookin’ cute.

What sort of products should I look out to update my night routine for the summer?

A hydrating moisturizer that has atmospheric protection properties within their formula is definitely a great product to have in your skincare routine. I’m using OSEA’s Atmospheric Moisturizer which protects your skin from dehydration and damage from environmental aggressors.

Random but did you know sun burnt scalp is a thing? My sister and I went to a three day music festival and while I got a bit burnt on my face she got it on her scalp! She used a Moroccan Oil on your scalp to help with her skin recovery. Using a Argan Oil or a Coconut Oil is also a really good alternative or substitution as well because of their healing, nourishing, and hydrating properties!  

It’s definitely hard to stay sun protected for every part of your body because the sun rays are literally hitting us everywhere BUT we can do our best to take pre cautions and use that to our full advantage. Hope this blog post gave you guys some tips or ideas on summer travel essentials! Stay sun protected this Summer friends. :)

Carrie Ly


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