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Wine Not Try Some Tropical Tea Sangria?

Spice your drink up with this tropical Sangria cocktail for your next Girls' Night Out! Sangria is hands down my favourite drink to enjoy for any occasion. From dinner parties, to a friends hang out, to a night out, you can never go wrong with this tropical drink. If I'm drinking, you will most likely be catching me holding a glass of Sangria topped with my favourite fruits! Just like anything, it can get boring when you're consistently doing the same thing over and over again which in this case is my boring Sangria situation. I decided to try a new take on Sangria by incorporating chilled tea. This was my first time trying (or even hearing) about tea infused Sangria and wow let me tell you what a pleasant surprise. I wish I learnt about this sooner!

I'm using Tealee's Princess Presley which is a fruity blend including strawberry, pineapple, and hints of lemon and lime. The strawberry flavour is the more dominant flavour, so I decided to pair it with pineapple and mango as the base of this recipe. Keep reading if your interested in learning how I made this delicious drink!

Tealee's Princess Presley White Wine Sangria
Servings: Two wine glasses
Total Time (including chill time): 25 minutes
2tsp. Tealee's Princess Presley tea
2 Mangos
1/2 Cup of Pineapple
1/2 Cup of White Wine (wine of choice) 
Note: You can choose to exempt wine for this recipe if your looking to make a virgin cocktail. 

1) Measure 2 tsp of the Princess Presley tea filling two tea bags (1tsp per bag) for two separate cups. Steep the tea for 3-5 minutes in hot water. Let the tea chill to room temperature before moving to fridge.
2) Keep your tea in the fridge for at least 20 minutes before prepping your fruits. Once your tea is completely chilled, cut up dices of mango and pineapple and add that into your blender. Pour in the two cups of tea into the blender and the wine of your choice and blend the mixture together.
3) Pour your Sangria into a wine glass and top it off with fruit of choice. I used the classic lime slice at the side for mine!

The Princess Presley Tea definitely made a noticeable taste difference in this Sangria recipe. I found that it added more of a refreshing after taste to the drink and helped mildly mask the taste of the wine. Some of my girl friends are really sensitive to taste when it comes to alcoholic drinks which they tend to suffer from a terrible after taste from any drink or cocktail. If that situation sounds similar to you, this recipe is one to try out and a really great alternative to those that are struggling to find a delicious beverage to drink at their next event! Don't be afraid to tweak this recipe to spin it into your own style by adding fruits of your choice or even going with red wine if that is your preferred taste.

Try this recipe out if your looking for something fun to make for the summer! It's so easy to make and so classy to drink.
We're offering 15% off Princess Presley tea until this weekend! Use the code SangriaLove and have fun impressing your friends with this new tea infused drink.

Carrie Ly


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