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Patio Season Calls for a New Iced Tea Recipe

Looking for a refreshing drink to whip up for a summer patio party? I'll walk you through some steps on how you can make an easy and delicious fruity iced tea to share with your friends and family!

I am planning a small get together for my friends and I wanted to make a nice summer drink that would pair nicely with the brunch. After looking through various iced tea recipes, I decided to put my own spin on one of the recipes to see if I could create something worth serving to my friends this weekend! Luckily, it turned out amazing so I wanted to share it with you all! 

Tealee Iced Tea: Pineapple Island + Jasmine Green Tea

2 cups of Boiling Water
1 Plum
1 Lime
2 tsp. Tealee Pineapple Island
2 tsp. Tealee Jasmine Green Tea
Ice Cubes


1) Boil two cups of water. While your water is boiling, mix together the Pineapple Island tea with the Jasmine tea into two separate two bags to steep. Once your water is finished boiling, steep your two tea bags for about 4 minutes.

2) After steeping your tea, put in 2 ice cubes into each cup (yes they will melt, it's to pre- dilute the tea!)

3) Pour your two cups of tea into a Jug and cut up your fruit of choice to help enhance the flavour of your ice tea. I used strawberries, plums, and limes. Once your Jug is filled with the tea and fruits, put it in the refrigerator to chill for about 2-3 hours. After your tea is chilled, add in ice cubes and additional fruit! 

You don't have to add all your fruits into the Jug to refrigerate. What I like to do is adding about half of my fruits to cool with the tea, then adding the rest once the tea is ready to be served. This way I have a balance between tea infused fruit and fresh fruit.

So, I hope you enjoy a nice iced tea, the beautiful summer weather, and of course good company!

Cheers :)

Carrie Ly


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