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Custom Blend

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Create a tea blend that is perfect for you! Our wide selection of high quality teas, fruits, herbs, spices, and flowers gives you the opportunity to create a blend that will satisfy your taste buds and cater to your desired health benefits. 

Keep in mind the various levels of caffeine content of each tea type. Black, pu'erh, and oolong teas have medium levels of caffeine, green and white teas have low caffeine levels, and rooibos and herbal blends are caffeine free.
You may select up to 4 additional ingredients to compliment your tea base. Mix and match as you please, there is no right or wrong combination of ingredients to satisfy your palette.

Get creative and choose a name for your blend. Tea puns are encouraged!
This message will appear on the back of the tea tin. A fun message to read when making every cup of tea!(Max 140)

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