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August 23, 2016


Tea and Sandwich Pairings for Going Back to School!

Hey guys! So I know you have been seeing a lot of workshops hosted by Lisa through The Ottawa Tea Guild (which yes you should totally go check out!) and I found myself inspired by some of Lisa's awesome tea pairing workshops. I decided to take the time to put together a sandwich pairing tea blog post. I know that school is starting soon for many of you and although I'm a recent University Grad, I know how much the struggle is to stay healthy on a budget all the while thinking of appetizing things to bring for lunch. I'm hoping some of you can get some ideas from this post and be inspired to try some of these out because if I went back in time, I would have totally made these pairings for me to eat instead of buying fast food. Ok so let's jump right into it, here are three healthy tea and sandwich pairings I came up with; 

Butter Croissant with a tuna, dijon mustard, onion, and black pepper stuffing. 
paired with Tealee's Spoon Universi-tea

To me, this is definitely a classic pairing and the perfect fancyish lunch idea to make for your own enjoyment or a lunch tea party to host. I like that this tea blend has a hint of cinnamon as well which puts a sweeter spin onto the regular black tea blends you might be use to. The Spoon Universi-tea tea blend also has medium caffeine which I know how much of an asset caffeine is to students, it's basically mandatory to be included in our breakfast, lunch, and dinner, haha! I also really do enjoy coffee for my caffeine intake as well but sometimes after 5 days straight of coffee I tend to break out, feel groggy and unhealthy. The switch up to caffeinated tea is definitely worth it and do it paired with a delicious butter tuna croissant lunch! 

Poppy Seed Bagel with Cream Cheese topped with Fresh Strawberries
paired with Tealee's Family Time rooibos tea

This pairing is definitely a sweeter choice with the fruity combination of the two. When I first tasted the combination of both, I instantly thought of my university days, which is still freshly burned into my memory. As students, I know how much a Timmies run for a bagel and cream cheese was literally part of my every day routine. And I really wish I thought of this sooner but I would have seriously just put together this poppy seed bagel with cream cheese and strawberries together on my own and steeped the Family Time tea in my carry on bottle as my lunch instead of always buying my own at a store. It's fresher and much more satisfying to know that I made it myself. School is also starting REAL soon so this a great back to school lunch or for breakfast to get you through those 8am morning lectures!

Baguette with cream cheese spread topped with Cucumber and Dill
paired with Tealee's Mother Nature's Medley 

This has got to be my favourite pairing out of the three. The Mother Nature's Medley has a very light, healthy, and refreshing flavour with a touch of ginger from the tea blend which compliments really well with the cucumber and dill combination. I would definitely crave this as a snack all the time. What I really love about this pairing is that it doesn't make me feel bloated after or too full, it sits well in your stomach with the tea which includes lemongrass, rose petals, organic spearmint, which really helps with digestion and detoxification. This recipe takes no more than 10 minutes to make with only 4 ingredients!

If that hasn't convinced you enough to try out these recipes, how about a 15% discount for all Tealee's Original Blends! Simply use the discount code SANDWICH15 in your cart.


Carrie Ly


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