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January 28, 2017


DIY - Two Layer Tealee Hand Scrub

First off Happy New Year! I'm so excited to start off the 2017 Tealee blog with this DIY project.

Recently I've been seeing a lot of DIY projects in mason jars including popular things you might have already come across on Pinterest. For example, the popular layered Pancake mix in a mason jar or a homemade hot chocolate mix, which I received as a gift over the Holidays. Taking these cute gift ideas and making it into my own personal project, I decided to create a two layered hand scrub to treat my skin. What's great about using tea in a hand scrub is that it acts as a natural exfoliate for your hands. Not only is it a great skincare item to have this winter season, it also makes your bathroom look extra cute. It's incredibly simple to make, I have listed below the ingredients and the steps you will need for this recipe.


Two types of Hand scrubs (can be pre bought or made from scratch)
Tealee Rise & Shine Detox Tea
Tealee Green Tea
Jojoba Oil or Essential Oil of choice
Mason Jar

1) Place your two hand scrub base in two separate bowls. I personally bought mine pre made using a Lemon and Rosemary sugar scrub and a Lavender based one. If you are going to make yours from scratch you can find a recipe from one of my older blog posts by clicking here

2) Taking your first scrub base, mix about two tablespoons with the Tealee Rise and Shine blend. Add in 5-6 drops of your oil of choice and stir it up! Using a citrus and fruity scented scrub combines beautifully with the Rise and Shine with ingredients such as orange peel and lemongrass. 

3) With the second scrub base, combine with 2 tablespoons of Tealee green tea. The Jasmine Green Tea and the Sencha are great options because they are both light and refreshing. I wanted to scent of Lavender to not be overpowered by too many scents so hence my decision on simple the green tea. Lastly, add in 5-6 drops of essential oil and mix well! 

4) Take your mason jar and spoon in your first scrub then layer it on top with the second scrub. 

5) Decorate your jar however you'd like! You will see that the different colours and textures of each scrub layer will already give your new jar a beautifully unique look.

 Hope you enjoyed this post!

Carrie Ly


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