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April 21, 2016


Exfoliation, Detoxification, Jollification - 3 Step Beauty Care

If you're tired or exhausted from a long day's work or maybe you're just looking to treat your body and skin, try these three simple steps that I use to help make myself feel better.  Beauty care is something that helps relieve my stress which seems to shine through me from the inside and out!

I recently came across a post on how to create a DIY sugar face scrub incorporating green tea which encouraged me to try this out myself! Face scrubs are one of my favourite types of skincare products because they work all year around to help get rid of dry skin. I decided to try making my own using Tealee's Jasmine Leaf Green Tea and Matcha to create an all-natural facial scrub. After using this scrub for about two weeks, I found my skin to be a lot smoother and cleaner. This scrub did wonders for my skin and if you have combination skin this DIY recipe will work great for you. I saw great results from using this scrub and wanted to share with you how I made it so you can give it a go as well!

Tealee's DIY Green Tea Face Scrub
Servings: 1oz or 30 mL
Time: 3-5 minutes
1/2cup of White Sugar
6 drops of Argan Oil (or essential oil of choice)
2tsp. Coconut Oil 

1) In a mixing bowl, combine sugar and matcha and mix well until you get a even light green colour. 
2) Add the Jasmine Green Tea into the mixture. Using a wooden spoon, grind up the tea leaves to a desired length as this will be used as your exfoliator in your scrub.
3) Now add the Argan Oil and Coconut Oil to the mixture. (Note: I'm using a coconut oil that came in a spray bottle already liquefied. I would recommend using a oil that doesn't require you to heat during your mixing process)
4) Mix all your ingredients together which should turn out to look like the photo below! Remember to store your facial scrub in a sealed container or your mixture will dry out.

Green tea is a classic tea that is satisfying any time of day, no matter what mood you're in. It has amazing health benefits and can also help with weight loss by increasing your metabolism. I like to enjoy a cup of green tea when I'm feeling overwhelmed from work or just need to take a break to relax and clear my mind. It's also my favourite tea to drink while I'm blogging! Tealee's Jasmine Leaf Green Tea includes specially selected May Jasmine blossoms creating this calming blend of green tea. Detox yourself from the inside and out with this green tea which you can sip on in a hot bath after a long day!

I've been having a lot of trouble with my hair lately from not finding the proper shampoo and conditioner for my specific hair type. Thanks to Julia, creator of Jollification, she suggested that I use her Ginger and Rhassoul balancing shampoo bar to help nourish my hair without drying it out. Julia hand makes all of her beauty care products in Ottawa sourcing the finest local ingredients. With 20 years of experience, each product is made with passion and love that clearly shines through her amazing products. It was my first time trying out a vegan shampoo bar and I can definitely say that I'll be using it often from now on. Not only did the Jollification shampoo bars help clean my hair, it also added so much volume to my hair which is a huge plus for me! I've also been loving the Orange Cream soap she makes which is the perfect Spring soap to use to refresh your mind and body with it's lovely tangy scent. 

I hope this three step beauty care post inspired you to try new things and bring upon new ideas to help you de-stress. Taking care of yourself -mind and body- is extremely important and it is something I'm trying to balance in my everyday routine. Take the time out to treat yourself because you really deserve it! 

Carrie Ly


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