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April 07, 2016


Iced Tea on the Go!

If you're like me and you're constantly rushing in the morning or you're getting ready to tackle the upcoming exam season, this overnight iced tea preparation ritual is perfect for you. Tea is the perfect on-the-go drink to kick-start your day because of its steady caffeine boost that won't make you crash in the afternoon. Tealee offers many different tea blends that contain various fruits, herbs, and flowers that your taste buds will love! I decided to use a green tea blend called Cool Raspberry Mint but there are a ton of tea blends that serve really well as an iced tea. I will explain two different steeping methods that you can easily accomplish before bed so your tea can work its magic in the fridge overnight and it will be ready to grab and go as you rush out the door. The first method is the traditional hot steeping of tea and letting it cool over time or quickly with ice. The second method is a cold infusion which involves less work and it yields just as much flavor as the hot steeping method. Less work at night and more time to sleep in in the morning, it's win-win!




Tealee's Cool Raspberry Mint Iced Tea 
Servings: 500 mL
Prep Time: 3-5 minutes
Hot Steeping Instructions
Overnight Preparation
1) Boil your water and brew 3tsp of Tealee's Cool Raspberry Mint blend. 
(Note: Don't be surprised by the higher tea to water proportion, as the tea will dilute from the ice cubes)  
2) Brew the tea for 3 minutes, remove the tea bag, and let the tea chill to room temperature. 
3) Store your tea in a bottle of choice and store it in the fridge over night. 
Morning Preparation 
4) Slice up your lime, add some frozen raspberries and ice cubes into your bottle. And there you have it. A simple, easy to make, delicious iced tea!

Cold Steeping Instructions
Overnight Preparation
1) Measure 3tsp of Tealee's Cool Raspberry Mint blend and put it in your bottles infuser.
2) Fill the bottle with cold water and place it in the fridge overnight. 
Morning Preparation 
3) Optional: Remove the tea leaves from the bottle. (If you prefer a stronger tasting tea, you can leave the leaves in the strainer as you drink it throughout the day.)
4) Slice up your lime, add some frozen raspberries and ice cubes into your bottle.

Now, I know that usually hot beverages such as a morning coffee or a hot tea are the ideal go to drink but I decided to switch things up and go with an iced beverage in the mornings instead. Change is exciting, especially when you have so many different tea blends and recipes to try out. What I love about the Tealee's Cool Raspberry Mint green tea blend is the refreshing minty and fruity taste combination which also includes a medium kick of caffeine to start your day. Made from a three delicious ingredients; gunpowder green tea, raspberry, and organic spearmint, this is my current favourite morning drink and I know I'll love it even more once the weather starts picking up.

I use my Tea Tank as my carry on bottle which is a great way to keep beverages hot or cold. It has a built in infuser which makes it really easy to accomplish the cold steeping method. After drinking my morning iced tea, I would keep the limes and fruits in the bottle which I would then fill my bottle with water to create detox water. A perfect transition from your morning tea to detox water throughout your whole day giving you a full body detox. This iced tea recipe is also the perfect on the go drink because of the benefits provided in the tea blend which helps to relieve motion sickness and fights intestinal bugs so it's great to take on vacation as well!

Thanks for reading this post to the end and comment below to share your thoughts on having iced tea in the mornings!

Carrie Ly


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