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November 01, 2016


Fall Inspired Energy Boosting Recipe

Fall is the season of transition where we slowly start a new chapter for this new season. It's the time of the year when things slow down a bit, people start switching out their crop tops and shorts for cozy knit sweater and boots. For me, fall is the season where sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with the start of the season changing and I lose a bit of motivation once the weather starts to cool off. It's the time of the year when my body just instinctively senses that winter is coming and I just lose desire to go outside to do things and just feel like curling up into a ball with my tea and watching Stranger Things on Netflix or something haha! I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that does this!

Today I wanted to write a post on a metabolism boosting tea picks that are great to keep you motivated on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping up with your fitness goals, and making sure your metabolism is strong! I whipped up a simple snack recipe using Tealee's Matcha to create a Nutella Matcha Banana Roll. It tastes just as good as it sounds and here are the simple steps you can take to make this quick and easy on the go snack anytime of the day to satisfy your chocolate craving but also adding in some antioxidant boosting matcha as a spin. 

Tealee Nutella Matcha Roll
1 Ripe Banana
1/4tsp. Tealee Matcha
1tbs. Nutella
1 Tortilla (or can be substituted for whole wheat bread, home made crepe, etc)

It's very simple - all you need to do is to cut up the banana, lay that over your warmed up tortilla, spread a spoon of Nutella on the side, and lastly sprinkle some match over top! The matcha and the Nutella go so well together, you definitely have to try out this recipe it tastes amazing. My favourite tea choice to go along with this energy boosting snack is Tealee's Black Chai Affair. Nothing like a warm cup of tea and a Nutella matcha snack am I right? Believe it or not, once you start including antioxidants and natural energy boosting ingredients into your routine, you'll feel a difference in your lifestyle.

Some other great Tealee tea choices for this month is Apple Cinnamon Oolong, Orange Ginger Boost, Rooibos Spice, and last but not least another top choice of mine is Lavender Earl Grey

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I wish you all a Happy Fall!

Carrie Ly


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