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Tea for Two

Ingredients: Pu'er tea, Cocoa Beans, Strawberries, Rose Petals

This tea blend was inspired by love and romance. A little cheesy, we know. But embrace those warm fuzzy feelings, it's healthy for you and so is this tea!

New to the world of pu'erh tea? It's a fermented tea created in the Yunnan province in China. This particular pu'erh has been aged over a period of 5 years. The microbial fermentation processes and its associated medicinal properties set this tea type apart from the rest. In China this tea has long been used as a powerful digestive aid, a natural detoxifier, and a tool to lower cholesterol.

Pu'erh tea has a distinct earthy flavor which compliments the nutty flavor of the cocoa beans. Most will agree that chocolate and strawberries are a match made in heaven and this combination holds true in this blend as well. A final touch of rose petals makes this the ultimate decadent blend.

Tea Type: Pu'erh

Tea Origin: Yunnan, China

Antioxidant Level: Medium

Caffeine Content: Medium

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