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Northern Blend Organic

Ingredients: Ceylon Organic Black Tea, Assam TGFOP Organic Black Tea

The creation of this blend has a very special story behind it.

My cousin Karen is the founder of the Turtle Lodge Trading Post and she discovered some time ago that Tobacco offerings are not part of the Inuit culture, and therefore the question of what to gift an Inuit Elder has often come up. She did some research, contacted Inuit organizations, and also asked several Inuit Elders directly what the most appropriate gifts would be. Surprisingly, on the top of the list was Salada Prior and Red Rose black tea, a commodity highly favoured by early Inuit traders and a taste still savoured to this day. The northern relations have gifted us with so many wonderful teas, such as Labrador Tea, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Juniper, and much more. To be able to offer them something from the outside world that they also savour is both appropriate and a gift in itself.

Karen came to me and asked if I could create an organic black tea blend with Inuit Elders and their traditionally favoured black tea in mind. This is how the Northern Blend was created. It is a delicious combination of two exquisite black teas, a robust black tea from Sri Lanka with a jammy black tea from India, a match made in heaven. 

This tea pairs very well with milk and sugar.

Tea Type: Black Tea

Tea Origin: Sri Lanka, India

Antioxidant Level: High

Caffeine Content: Medium

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