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About Us

Welcome to Tealee, our online loose-leaf tea store based in Ottawa, Canada!


Lisa and Sami created Tealee to share their love of tea with friends, family, and the rest of the world. Tealee offers a variety of original tea blends that are created using high quality tea leaves, herbs, fruits, spices, and flowers. All of Tealee's original blends are proudly additive free and offer a healthy and tasty beverage option to new and long-time tea drinkers. 

We are proud to be a part of Ottawa's local business community. Through meeting other awesome local artists at farmers markets and craft shows, Tealee now offers tea blends and teaware that are created in collaboration with some of the local artists listed below.

Fun Facts:

Sami's teapot is nearly always filled with Tealee's Princess Presley herbal blend and Lisa rarely goes a day without a cup of Tink's Fairy Dust

Meet Our Bloggers! 

 Carrie is a fourth year Marketing student at Carleton University, with her final years into her studies she's passionately working towards her future plans through photography, videography, and of course blogging!  She wishes to work towards becoming an all around lifestyle travel blogger, moving to California, and opening her own store. When she's not busy brainstorming new ideas for her personal blog on Carrie Project, she is spending time with her sister and close friends, going to her hot yoga classes to clear her mind, or full on raging at EDM music festivals.                                                                                                                                  


 Guelph native Carolyn Hebert relocated to Ottawa for school and has since fallen in love with its history, restaurants, and people. When she's not in the dance studio or library, Carolyn loves to snuggle up on the couch next to her pink-nosed puppy Gizmo and marathon old Grey's Anatomy episodes. As a grad student, dance teacher, choreographer, and occasional public servant, she relies on her Cochin Masala Chai to get the day started, and always ends up brewing a pot of Zesty Earl at night before bed.

"I am so excited to share my love for Ottawa and new-found addiction to loose leaf tea with fellow Tealee fans!" 

Make yourself a hot cup of tea, get comfy, and head over to Tealee's blog!


Our Local Collaborators


Zoe from Zoe's Corner creates wonderful 100% natural handmade body products such as soaps, deodorant, lip balms, body butters and much more. We met each other at the University of Ottawa market and fell in love with each others products, so we thought we'd merge our passions! Stay tuned for new tea infused body products! 



The two talented women behind Hollow Clayworks create beautiful handmade pottery pieces in the Ottawa area. When we first saw their work, we had to buy some for ourselves. Afterwards, we reached out to them about creating some pieces for our customers, and now we're happy to be able to share their work!



Cardamom and Cloves is an online local spice shop based in Ottawa which offers a wide variety of fresh and high quality spices and seasonings. We've incorporated one of their in-house chai blends into our Rooibos Spice and Black Chai Affair teas!